cc 380 Cross, anno 1976

FV 380 CR 76
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The picture that we see represents the first motorcycle FV 380 Presented at the Milan Show in 1975 which can also be defined as the prototype bike, you can indeed notice the swingarm rectangular tube, with the same inclination of the model 250 CR 74. In fact, in the motion of the series, we have the flattened tube swingarm, the chain tensioner and will also change the inclination of the shock are less inclined. We would then another important aspect. In the last months of the year, the bike has been produced with the frame painted white RAL 9010 and the range of magnesium in Marzocchi. These details are very important for those who are preparing for a restoration that reflects true originality. Needless to say that the line of motion and its combinations of colors give more substance to the beauty of the motorcycle. We will soon be putting a bike that basic model number. Soon add all the detailed pictures of the bike.

Dettagli tecnici:

Chassis: Double-cradle Steel Ni Cr
Engine: Single cylinder 2-stroke
Bore: 70 mm
Stroke: 64 mm
Displacement: 246.2 cc
Lubrication: Mixture 5%
Carburetor: 36mm speaker BING 54
Ignition: Electronic MOTOPLAT
Transmission: 5-speed
Clutch: oil bath
Fork: Marzocchi D.35
Shock: Marzocchi Gas monomolla L = 395
Front wheel: Campagnolo Hub D. 150
Rear wheel: Hub CAMPAGNOLO D. 150
Front tire.: 3.00 x 21
tire post.: 4.50 x 18
Tank: Iron
Fender ant.: Presto Mudder orange
Fender post. Preston MX orange