250 CM 79

cc 250 Cross, anno 1979

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Beautiful renovation of the house VILLA. Compared to the 1978 version we have an all white dress that is enhanced by the color of the frame and fork. Total renewal of the engine: it becomes smaller. The double cradle frame remains but is lightened by much. News also for the anchorage of the engine that is hooked pin fork fixing. The swingarm then, by linear extension, takes the fold banana, encouraging the travel of the shock. Aesthetically, you immediately notice the fender VILLA number plate and side cover reduced the triangulation of the frame. This model is also replaced the oval table with a front number plate with attachment harness. Let's say that, in general, the bike 250 CM is the thoroughbred that will give concrete evidence in the golf ball. Please note also that, in the very first motorcycle, was fitted a pattern of side paneling, visible in the photo catalog; replaced almost immediately by what you see in the various photos on display.

Dettagli tecnici:

Frame: Double cradle steel chrome molybdenum
Engine: Single cylinder 2 stroke
Bore: 70 mm
Stroke: 64 mm
Displacement: 246.2 cc
Lubrication: Mix 5%
Carburetor: BING 54 36mm speaker
Ignition: Electronic MOTOPLAT
Transmission: 5-speed
Clutch: oil bath
Fork: Marzocchi D. 38 and / or the Court and Cossus D. 36
Shock: Court & Cossus double spring L = 365
Front wheel hub CAMPAGNOLO D. 150
Rear wheel hub CAMPAGNOLO D. 150
Front tire .: 3.00 x 21
Pneumatic post .: 4.50 x 18
Reservoir: In white plastic
Front fender .: Stilmotor
Fender post .: VILLA and / or Stilmotor portanumero