125 MXA 81

cc 125 Cross, anno 1981

125 MXA 81
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Here, as always in the house VILLA, a resplendent new. The first motocross bike water cooled. This is the new 125 cc MXA 80. To underline the change immediately with a new frame and swingarm. Compared to the 125 MX 80, we have a greater inclination of the shock. In this way it is favored the selection of a shock absorber longer and then with more excursion. The shock is always a Court & Cossus but with the tank attached and not separated as in the model 80. The radiator, placed in the cruise of the forks, is surrounded by a protective very apt. Then you immediately notice the new tank surrounded by imaginative decals. Stylized the new chain guide in front of the crown. The choice of the handlebar becomes painted in lobster-VILLA.

Dettagli tecnici:

Frame: Double cradle steel chrome molybdenum
Engine: Single cylinder 2-stroke water-cooled
Bore: 56 mm
Stroke: 50 mm
Displacement: 123.6 cc
Aspiration: lamellar 4 petals
Lubrication: Mix 5%
Carburetor: BING 54 Diffuser 38mm and / or 36mm
Ignition: Electronic MOTOPLAT
Transmission: 6-speed
Clutch: oil bath
Fork: Marzocchi 38 Patzi D. Fife and / or D. 35
Shock: Court & Cossus double spring
Front wheel hub GRIMECA D. 140 conical
Rear wheel hub GRIMECA D. 140 floating
Front tire .: 3.00 x 21
Pneumatic post .: 4.00 x 18
Reservoir: Fiberglass
Front fender .: ROBERT M. and / or Stilmotor-VILLA to duck
Fender post .: VILLA