480 CR Replica PICCO 1980

cc 480 Cross, anno 1980

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The bike that is exposed is a very special specimen. This bike is brand new esclusimamente assembled with new parts: engine included. You immediately notice the type of tank that is the model 80 and 81. The purpose of assembling this VILLA 480CR came exclusively from one thought Mr. Villa Francesco, to remember the bike which was piloted in 1980 by the famous Italian champion Franco Picco. Just looking at him makes you want to possess the striking. This new engine vacuum laminated, give the bike a lot of control in the delivery of the gas thus promoting the exploitation of the total number of horses. To underline the new chassis which suffered from double cradle, passes to cradle split. Also replaced the swing arm and moved to the attacks of the shock absorbers that s result more inclined; consequently they are stretched giving way to a longer excursion. The side panels and the rear wing are new generation. Replaced even the number plate. In the large displacement of 1979 was all one color, this is semi-transparent plastic with colored sticker. These elements give a new impetus to the bike that makes it very clean, smooth and that by, in his field, a line more and more compelling.

Dettagli tecnici:

Frame: Double cradle steel chrome molybdenum
Engine: Single cylinder 2 stroke
Bore: 86 mm
Stroke: 82 mm
Displacement: 476.3 cc
Lubrication: Mix 5%
Carburetor: MIKUNI
Ignition: Electronic MOTOPLAT
Transmission: 5-speed
Clutch: oil bath
Fork: Marzocchi 38 Patzi D. Fife L = 950
Shock: Court & Cossus double spring L = 435
Front wheel hub GRIMECA D. 140
Rear wheel hub CAMPAGNOLO D. 150 Floating.
Front tire .: 3.00 x 21
Pneumatic post .: 4.50 x 18
Tank: Plastic
Front fender .: Stilmotor
Fender post .: VILLA
Silencer: In Iron