125 MC A 83

cc 125 Cross, anno 1983

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The performance of this bike is indisputable. So we pass well to see changes to the model 82. The motion was innovated the engine with a total change. The bike has a radiator instead of two. The tank and line changes is of plastic material in place of vetrioresina. Is replaced with the silencer, using a SEM. Change mask number plate and the color of the side panels. There were no other significant changes then. The swingarm alliminio comes as an option. In the picture you see in black and white, shows the first model 125 MC 83 built in a few specimens.

Dettagli tecnici:

Frame: Steel Chrome Molybdenum
Engine: Single cylinder 2-stroke water-cooled
Bore: 56.40 mm
Stroke: 50 mm
Displacement: 124.852 cc
Aspiration: lamellar 4 petals
Lubrication: Mix 4%
Carburetor: Mikuni 36mm
Ignition: Electronic NIPPODENSO
Transmission: 6-speed
Clutch: oil bath
Fork: Marzocchi 38 D.
Shock: Court & Cossus
Front wheel hub GRIMECA D. 125 conical
Rear wheel hub GRIMECA D. 125 floating
Front tire .: 3.00 x 21
Pneumatic post .: 4.00 x 18
Tank: Plastic
Front fender .: Stilmotor-VILLA to duck
Fender post .: VILLA
Looking for: NORDIX