350 SM 80

Di seguito tutti i dettagli di questo restauro.


In this photo we present the complete restoration of the bike VILLA 350 MS 80. Here are also several photos of the restoration phase and only 2 photos of the bike as it was before the operation. It was not easy to bring conditions as had been produced, but we managed.

Dettagli tecnici:

Frame: Double cradle steel chrome molybdenum
Engine: Single cylinder 2 stroke
Bore: 80 mm
Stroke: 68 mm
Displacement: 341.8 cc
Aspiration: laminated to 6 petals
Lubrication: Mix 5%
Carburetor: BING 54 36mm speaker
Ignition: Electronic MOTOPLAT
Transmission: 6-speed
Clutch: oil bath
Fork: Court & Cossus D. 36
Shock: Court & Cossus double spring separate tank
Front wheel hub GRIMECA D. 140
Rear wheel hub GRIMECA D. 160
Front tire .: 3.00 x 21
Pneumatic post .: 4.50 x 18
Reservoir: white plastic
Front fender .: Stilmotor
Post fender UFO .: